Compucart Trays

Compucart Trays attach to grocery carts or any kind of shopping cart that has a child seat. They can be used with tablets, iPad Minis, iPads, laptops, coupon binders or portfolio bags. We recently introduced our patented Compucart Theft Deterrent Tray. There is nothing like this on the market. Compucart's Theft Deterrent Tray is also available for tablets, iPads or mini iPads.

About Us

Elise Johnson

store owner

After working 20 years in the grocery industry, Elise Johnson found a way to improve the systems used by employees on the grocery retail side and also by vendors on the manufacturing side. With feedback from Price/Scan coordinators, she found that 5 to10 minutes per day can be saved by not having to reorganize tags out of a cardboard box, look for a flatbed cart or push a large square cumbersome sign cart. The Compucart Price/Scan Coordinator Tray is non-cumbersome, removable, and can be stored easily. Using the Compucart Portfolio Bag or Laptop Tray, a vendor will save over 5 minutes on each store call. The Compucart Tray eliminates the struggling that a vendor encounters throughout the sales call: attempting to fit a notebook, portfolio bag, etc. on top of a shopping cart.Our list of satisfied customers include: Publix, Nestle, Nielsen and many more!